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Agile Expertise for

Business Analysis and Education




(Agile) Business Analysis


Main services provided:

business process analysis & design, requirements engineering for software tools & project management.

(Agile) Education & eduScrum® 


Main services include:

online & classroom trainings for business analysts, requirements engineers, project managers & process managers - inspired by eduScrum® .

(Agile) Transition Management


Main services provided:

manage transition requirements, knowledge management, user trainings,

go-live  preparation, management & user support after go-live.

Coaching & Mentoring

Main services include:

on-the-job coaching & mentoring, peer reviews and workshop facilitation.



"Because the only way forward is change"

With highly specialised knowledge and extensive experience in business analysis I provide services for all major aspects of your change and transformation projects. Working with passion as a professional business analyst for more than 25 years, I have a broad as well as a deep understanding of what it takes to make transformation projects successful.

Small or large, agile or not, I have specialised in adapting and tailoring business analysis to match the individual needs of different projects across different industries. I always deliver goal-oriented results on time and within the scope of your designated project.

"Sharing is caring" 

I strongly believe that sharing knowledge is the key to growth and success. Supporting other professionals at the start of their career or during a career change is a topic close to my heart. Passing on my knowledge, expertise and lessons-learned from experience is the perfect way to support the next generation of change and transformation professional in their challenges.

"Outstanding results"

Davies Consulting GmbH, The Fine Art of Business Analysis & Education delivers excellent, high-end advisory and services for your organisation.

Small Business
Davies Consulting GmbH

Julie Davies Shields

Founder & CEO

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"An analytical empath with a passion for people"

​My first experience with business analysis, implementing SAP R2 in 1999, was my kick-start into the exciting world of changing and transforming organisations. Many more change projects have followed, and still today, changing and transforming organisations is what I love and care for. 


As a successful business analyst in many different organisations, I have had the privilege of working with some of the most inspiring people. My most valued lesson on my journey so far? It's the people that matter most.


No change will be successful if people don't believe in it. No team can move forward if they do not have a shared vision and shared goals. No individual will thrive it they can't see how meaningful their work is. To enable an organisation, we must always enable the people first.

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