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The Fine Art of BA Certifications

When working in Switzerland, life without certificates to confirm your capabilities in your professional domain can be a bit gloomy, especially when looking for new job opportunities.

It therefore comes as no surprise that many people are looking out for a certification to suit their work situation and fit in with their domain expertise. But not any certificate will do for the Swiss market. When picking an institute and their specific BA training, the provider’s reputation and their recognition in your industry should be established before enrolling in the training.

In many of my BA trainings I facilitate as a freelancer for the SGO Business School I get asked about the difference between the certifications offered by the International Board of Requirements Engineering (IREB) and the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), which I myself had to figure out a few years ago when preparing for my next career steps. Both are known and recognised as a high standard for business analysis competencies on the Swiss market, although their approaches address different areas of expertise.

If you are currently asking yourself the same question, you might find this overview I put together helpful. The overview only compares the IREB and IIBA certification options though, and a further option for an international certification in business analysis is offered by the bcs – The Chartered Institute for IT.

Also, if you are looking for a Swiss based certification rather than an international one, the modular certification program for business analysts provided by the SGO Business School in Glattbrugg, which includes the possibility to further certify with a MAS in either Business Analysis, Business Consulting or Business Engineering could also be an attractive alternative, as it is based on a combination of expertise from both the IREB and IIBA (MAS provided in cooperation with the HWZ, Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich).

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